Kelly Butterfield, LMT


Thanks for reading my bio!  My name is Kelly Butterfield and I have been a licensed massage therapist since 2014.  I began my practice after graduating from the venerated Baltimore school of massage, and I am trained in nine plus modalities. 

My style has been informed by my practice and experiences in an array of environments, ranging from chiropractic offices, to corporate massage clinics, high-end day spas, and corporate work places. I am highly skilled at providing therapeutic and customized deep tissue massages for clients who are experiencing work-related injuries and traumas.  I am also sensitive to the needs of each patient as an individual and understand that communication is key.  I will check in several times throughout the session to ensure that I am consistently addressing problem areas, and areas that I believe may be referral zones for corresponding pain and/or postural issues, in addition to happily adjusting pressure to your comfort level.  My approach is to first listen, hold space, and then conduct both well-thought out and intuitive treatment plans each and every time. 

I hold a bachelors degree in Humanities studies and am currently in school for my Masters degree in Teaching.  When I am not busy working at the wonderful Lakegrove Wellness clinic, you may likely find me teaching hot yoga, meditating, hiking, discovering new music, dreaming up big plans, or drinking Kombucha.  See you on the table! 

Love and strength,