Client Testimonials


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Lake Grove’s Finest

I have had the pleasure of having both Kathy and Heather provide the best massages imaginable, and they will tailor the treatment precisely to your needs or request, either deep or relaxing methods.

The Amazing Kathy

My first appointment for massage therapy with Kathy was a triumph. Inflamed muscles relieved. I booked another appointment immediately to work out all the kinks. I guess 26 years as a LMT has its benefits. I am grateful.

Great Massage!

Kathy’s new venue is very comfortable, easy parking, good facility for massage. Her space is quiet and comfortable. Anyone would benefit from her skillful massage and caring attitude!!

Massage by Jill

Jill did a fantastic job with just the right pressure and just the right spots needing massage. If you want a deep tissue massage she is your gal.Look no further for your next massage…

Excellent Massage Experience

I have been in several auto accidents over the years and as a result need deep tissue massage to keep migraines at bay. Both Kathy and Heather have provided excellent massage therapy for me. Without them I would not function very well. Thanks LGW!


Alina, provided an excellent deep tissue massage, paying careful attention to areas that needed deep work and not being too aggressive on areas that were not in need of work. Great communication, feedback and recommendations for overall wellness, excellent deep tissue massage

Beyond Wonderful

As an older women with severe arthritis, I was afraid to try massage. But with Kathy, she listens to what I want leaves my body feeling, moving, and functioning better than I had for years. Her works went beyond my expectations. She is very skillful and does her job very well. Opens up all the knots in my body and relieves me from stiffness and pain. Thank you

Excellent massage!

Jill is a very talented and experienced therapist! Her deep tissue was was very therapeutic and her flow was very nice. I would highly recommend her to anyone!!

Great Service

I like to use LG Wellness on a regular basis. We all have such stressful lives these days and massage is one of the best remedies.

Post surgery restoration

After surgery my Surgeon and Physical Therapist recommended deep tissue sports massage to breakdown scar tissue that had developed following several surgeries. Kathy Jordan has been a game changer with my recovery and getting me well ahead of schedule.

Best Massage

I go to Kathy and always look forward to my next session. Kathy is skilled, caring and very professional. I have talked my husband into going to Kathy. He does not usually go for massages, but he had to admit Kathy is very good and now will go at least once a month.

Skilled, caring professional massage

I have been to both Kathy and Heather and look forward to my next therapeutic session. I was referred to Kathy by my Physical Therapist who shares this high opinion.

Massage with Kathy Jordan

Kathy’s deep tissue work is unmatched. I have been her “patient” over the past 10 years. Her new location inside Lake Grove Wellness is the best yet. Can’t wait to go again.

Massage with Kathy Jordan

My massage was WONDERFUL! Incredibly relaxing and Kathy has such strong hands she was able to work deep into my muscles and help relieve the tension I store in my neck and shoulders from being a middle school teacher. I would go back every week if I could afford it! I am also training for a 1/2 marathon and Kathy greatly helped my sore legs! 🙂

Karin is outstanding

Karin is an outstanding massage therapist. She used the exact pressure needed to relax my extremely tense muscles. I arrived in such pain and left feeling total relief for which I’m truly grateful. Lake Grove Wellness is an outstanding Massage Practice in every way and I would highly recommend Karin.

Amazing Massage Therapist, Kathy Jordan!

Kathy has been my ‘body fixer’ for the past 8 years. She is very talented in working deep tissue. Love her!

Massage by Kathy

Kathy did a fantastic job of loosening and stretching my neck muscles and upper back. I was pleasantly surprised at how much better I felt after only 1 massage. I will definitely return for another massage with her.She also talked to me a bit about posture which I appreciated.

Kathy Jordan

What a gift. Soooooo pro and wonderful. Do yourself and your loved ones a favor and book an appointment. The best…

Always the best

Kathy has been giving me wonderful massages for the past 15 years and continues to be the best! She is a compassionate person, always giving her best to help others feel good.

The Best

I have been a regular customer of Kathy’s for more than 8 years. She has helped me through numerous injuries, surgeries, and general aches and pains. She knows what she is doing!

Simply the best…

Cannot travel to Oregon without getting a massage from Kathy Jordan. Life changing. She definitely has the magic touch…. Pay it forward… Tell a friend…

Staying ahead of aging

Kathy has been my massage therapist for at least 6 years. I look forward to my appointments with her as one of the highlights of my month. She’s sensitive to my painful neck induced by stress, painting & exercise. Her hands give great TLC and she’s intuitive to whatever is going on with my mind & body.

Amazing Motor Vehicle Accident Care…

Kathy, has given such great care during my Motor Vehicle Accident. Really specializing in Deep Tissue as well as working with the Doctor to maximize care. Best Massage Therapist!!!


That’s what I would call Kathy Jordan, my healer! She has been working on my injured neck and shoulder and without her help I would not feel the way I feel today. I recommend her to everyone who needs special attention and is under a care of a chiropractor or a physician, also anyone who would need a real TLC!

Outstanding Service and Massage!

I called Kathy because the online scheduling wasn’t working and told her I would love a massage the next day, Sunday, as I was in pain from stress. Kathy called me the next morning and let me know that her newest staff member was coming in sooner than anticipated to treat me and another person with pain. Although Libby Borte has 15 years of experience, I was her first Lake Grove Wellness client. She was outstanding! Trigger point, deep tissue, communicated well, was all about the client.